Monday, March 22, 2010

A Time of Mourning

My dear friends,

With profound grief I am to inform that two members of our Palliative family passed away yesterday, 22.03.2010. They were Shri Raj Kumar Singh of Bhagalpur, Bihar and Shri Abdul Razzak of Sopole, Bihar.

We, the volunteers of DNipCare, have always been with these two patients at the time of crisis due to their diseases and were providing whatever possible by way of psycho-social and medical support. Now both of them are devoid of their physical pains in their heavenly abode.

Let us pray for the departed souls and wish God to bestow strength and courage to their families to cope up with the sorrow.

With regards,

k.v. hamza,
Gen. Secretary, DNipCare

Few thoughts.....thought about sharing with

A few days before we were thinking loud in our monthly review meeting..What all we can do for Rajkumar, How can we take our services to him? Is he okay with the intervention by the Baba?

All were thinking, some loud, some silent, a few without seeing any options. Many difficulties we realized, but we could find a ray of hope also as Ajit sir told about his colleagues in the same district. It was a relief, at least one person to take our message to him that ' we are with you'. We again started planning for taking the services to him...

But the Un- beaten player- the death- has come on his time to put all our plans for Rajkumar to an abrupt stop.

Are we to fight against death? I feel we are not.

We are not fighting against him, but we are trying to help them to live away from the shadow of death, till the very moment he takes them away.

So my friends, be with our patients and their families and fill their moments with life till that inevitable moment



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  1. death is inevitable,bt ven its of sm1 very close to us then.........