Sunday, February 13, 2011

IAP CONFERENCE 2011 - Lucknow - Our Participation

The IAPC had its 18th International Conference from 11th to 13th February at Lucknow with the theme "Networking in Palliative Care".
The Presentation of Ms.Sumitha Chalil on"Community Based Palliative Care: A Metropolitan Experience " helped the audience
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Dr.Anjay is the new Executive Member(North) of IAPC. Hope the new position will benefit to DNipCare and also the Palliative Care in the Northern States. CONGRATULATIONS SIR.

Our General Secretary Hamza Sir was very busy there, had a number of talks with the Palliative Care Experts for the future activities of DNipCare.


Dear All,

It has been a quite useful opportunity for DNipCare. We could directly meet many who have been in touch with us, either through internet or phone. Thanks to all those who shared their experiences and provided valuable inputs for bettering the services provided by us.

I would like to share the experience with DNipCare family during next meeting.



  1. If possible, please mention who are there in the photos too. If not individual names, organisations will also do

  2. Instruction carried out please.

    KV Hamza

  3. I think the event brought lot of motivation among us....let us frame some quick actions for the innovitable jump