Friday, March 18, 2011

Noble Thinking & Great Deed

One of our ardent volunteers under DNipCare just telephoned to find
whether there is any blood donation requirement as on date
for any of our patients because he wanted to donate blood again.

He was confirming that he has completed three months period
after his last blood donation to one of our patients.
We do keep a note of our blood donation and receipt account also
in the Finance and Accounts Management section of our website
and my immediate instinct was to check his last date.
I called him back to inform that he had donated on 18th December only
and today is just 18th March.
Hearing the previous date he was very happy to reaffirm that
today is 18, he can give again and going to give tomorrow
to somebody requested for in NOIDA.
To that commitment I had nothing to say,
but wish him all the best and ask him to take care.

Oh!!! A second thought came to the mind.
Between December and March,
the very small February with 28 days was also there.
So our perceived 90 days for three months might not have been completed by today.
The calculative mind with accounts back ground worked out the total days
to find that our Good Samaritan was not only great in his deeds
and mind but ample clear in his thought processes as well.

Hats off to you Haridasan Sir !!!!!!

kv hamza
General Secretary, DNipCare

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  1. Haridas sir is really inspirational to all of us..The concerns about others he holds made him to think promptly and exactly after 90 days..May god bless him for a healthy life..