Sunday, July 8, 2012

Integration of Hospital care, Palliative Hospice and Home Care required for public health management

Sister Sofi, of Shanti Avedna Sadan, Delhi with a cancer patient in Sir Soba Singh Dharamshala while on a visit to Delhi State Cancer Institute(DSCI) on 8th July 2012 along with DNipCare volunteers.  Hospital for curative option, Hospice and Home care for Palliative protocol are the integral parts of public health management especially for the debilitating long term, bedridden, terminally ill patients.   Both DSCI and Shanti Avedna are playing their roles wonderfully in mitigating the pain of suffering patients.  But when will the community realize their responsibility and rise to the occasion to provide some solace to their fellow beings in the most critical time of illness?   Or when will the Government understand their role in integration of Hospital Care, Palliative Hospice and Home Care for the benefit of these patients?  Should the celebrities need to wait till their near and dear or themselves face the sufferings to wake up and propagate care for hapless patients?

kv hamza,
Gen. Secretary, DNipCare

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