Saturday, October 20, 2012

...Making a DIFFERENCE

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...Making a DIFFERENCE

"All of us have to die,” he says. “Only 15 per cent die suddenly.  The rest 85 per cent have to tackle pain, debility or chronic illness.  The medical establishment is not equipped to address the issues which are not merely physical.  After the age of 65, most live with illness or dementia.  It is important to build a system to look after these people for our own sake, for we are candidates for this situation down the line.” Suresh Kumar, an Ashoka Fellow, believes making palliative care a universal issue has touched a chord with people.  “What a doctor or a nurse can do is limited.  It is everybody’s business. Terminal illnesses can strike the very old and the young.  One can make a difference by simply sitting and talking to the patient"

The HINDU with Suresh Kumar in METRO PLUS of 20th October 2012:

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