Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Freedom from Pain Campaign & Celebration of Independence Day with Cancer Patients

On the occasion of 5th Anniversary of establishment of our Palliative Care Mission viz., DNipCare (Delhites’ National Initiative in Palliative Care), we, the volunteers would like to invite everybody to the “Freedom from Pain” Campaign & celebration of Indian Independence Day with Cancer Patients from 11 AM onwards on 15th August 2013 in Sir Soba Singh Dharamshala of Delhi State Cancer Institute (East), Dilshad Garden, Delhi. 
All roads come to an end to patients on declaring beyond cure by doctors and curative hospitals.  Left to their destiny, these debilitating patients suffering from long term, bedridden, terminally ill conditions due to cancer and other chronic diseases including geriatric conditions seldom find any respite from their agony.   Nor they are able to think beyond fighting excruciating pains, medical, social and psychological issues; forget about festivals and festivities.  In this scenario, the volunteers of DNipCare hailing from different walks of life are trying to touch the lives of these patients and bring little relief, relaxation and smiles back to their life through relentless Palliative Home Care programmes. 
Established in 2008, we have treaded a few miles, but a long way to go in bringing a comprehensive Palliative care system with full medical care in addition to the Psycho-Social support.  Adding quality and value addition to the services being rendered for the patients has always been our objective without going for the statistics, which has to be validated by our beneficiary patients and their families independently.  Be it a nursing/medical care including catheterization, bedsore management or Psycho-Social support including monthly food ration support, the bonding with our palliative family members is paramount to all our volunteers.    
Exploring the volunteerism of philanthropic people could bring in an experience of minimal overheads and focussed fund management for core activity of patient care in our mission.  In an era of corruption and enjoyment of NGO life, DNipCare could prove its mettle by ensuring ultimate transparency of resource management in the public domain through our website for the scrutiny of the masses including our benefactors and beneficiaries.
As such, DNipCare is not only a scalable approach in Palliative Care, but also a unique replicable model for any cosmopolitan city to test with.

kv hamza,
General Secretary, DNipCare

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