Thursday, November 14, 2013

India International Trade Fair (IITF) 2013, Pragati Maidan, Delhi

Finally the 14 day's India International Trade Fair 2013 ended on 27th November 2013 with happy news that the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Pavillion of which DNipCare was also a part with this stall has won Silver Medal in the Govt Departments category. We are grateful to our entire ardent volunteer for their dedication, concern and commitment for the Palliative cause for the debilitating patients

As in the previous couple of years, DNipCare is participating in the India International Trade Fair 2013 from 14 to 27th November 2013 in Pragati Maidan, Delhi to propagate community based Palliative Care to the common people.  The two weeklong Trade Fair, being a platform for congregation of millions of people with diverse interests beginning from Trade and industry to Health Care and good living is a perfect occasion to disseminate the discipline of Palliative Care, which is otherwise an alien subject beyond the periphery of Kerala and other very few States in India.  In addition to propagation, DNipCare volunteers are providing guidance to the visitors to initiate this kind of care and concern in their own areas and localities.  Shri Keshav Desiraju, Secretary Ministry of Health & Family Welfare visited DNipCare stall after inauguration of Health Pavillion.  He enquired about the Palliative Care approach adopted by DNipCare and also the coverage of patients the organization is able to cater.  The community based voluntary model of Kerala, (where a policy has already been introduced under NRHM for the first time in India during 2008), replicated under DNipCare in tailormade mode to suit the National Capital’s scenario has been explained to him.      

It is expected that there can be a real-time grass root level propagation through the Helath Pavillion during India International Trade Fair.  In addition, the fair will also be an occasion to make the palliative patient references through their relatives and friends visiting the Health Pavilion. 

Shri Abdul Rahman, Honourable Member of Parliament Lok Sabha from Vellore constituency, Tamil Nadu, visited the Palliative Care stall set up by DNipCare in the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Pavillion in India International Trade Fair 2013 in Pragati Maidan, Delhi today, i.e., 20th November 2013.  He specifically came to see the stall and understand the propagation of Palliation being done for the masses by the volunteers of DNipCare throughout the fair.  He opined that this kind of care needs to be spread across the Country to take care of the debilitating patients especially when they are sent out of even the tertiary care hospitals and left to their destiny till their end.  He has appreciated the mission being carried out by the volunteers in Delhi and wrote in the visitors book also on the similar lines.

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