Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DNipCare ABC Grant 2014 to support Educational needs of Chronic Patients

DNipCare ABC (Annual Books Copy) Grant 2014

School time is supposed to be the most happy and enjoyable period in the entire life.  At the beginning of every academic year the children experience lot of freshness in everything, be it the enchanting smell of new text & note books, colourful uniforms, entry into higher class having a new class teacher and other subject teachers etc. 

But the picture is not so rosy for all especially when either of the parents is suffering from long term, bedridden, terminal illness including Cancer and the children going to school feel reluctance for not having new books or changed uniforms or even for unpaid fees as the parents are unable to bear the expenditure on this account amidst their mounting medical bills.  Occasions of these children quitting studies for not being able to meet the requirements are also can be seen.   While all the attention of family members, relatives and friends are focused on the curative options for bedridden patients, the underlying lament of the children to reach back to their, studies, school and friends are grossly neglected. 

The remorse of ailing patients that their disease becoming the reason for discontinuation of school/college education of their children adds up the severity of illness and thereby they deprived of the required quality in their otherwise long-term suffering life.

Though right to education and envisaged Nation building etc. are heard everywhere the schools are yet to get sensitized enough to the plight of children hailing from such families where destiny played havoc with chronic diseases and other related socio-economic issues. 

As it has been implemented during the previous years, DNipCare (Delhites’ National Initiative in Palliative Care) has tried to understand the depth of this social issue and redress it in the possible manner by delivering educational support named as DNipCare ABC Grant 2014 (Annual Books Copy Grant) silently at the homes of these children whose either of the parents are registered with the organization for Palliative Home Care due to their suffering from long term, bedridden, terminal diseases including Cancer and unable to meet both ends together.  A total of 55 students of various classes from Nursery to University have been benefitted in this one month long silent mission ended on 30th April 2014.

Instituted in 2010, this is the fifth consecutive year of providing ABC Grant to deserving students belonging to the families wherein simultaneous Palliative home care is also ensured for ailing patients.

kv hamza,
Gen. Secretary, DNipCare

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