Tuesday, January 26, 2016

DNipCare's Republic Day Celebrations with Cancer Patients in Delhi State Cancer Institute Dharmashala - Students in Palliation - Students of IGNOU, NSS Wings of IIT Delhi & The Hindu College on 26th January 2016

The Republic Day this time was a novice experience for all the suffering Cancer patients from different States staying in Sir Soba Singh Dharamshala of Delhi State Cancer Institute, Dilshad Garden, Delhi on 26th January 2016.  The students from IGNOU, NSS Wings of IIT Delhi and The Hindu College, Delhi University under DNipCare's celebration of Republic Day program made the day for all those patients a memorable event with music, dances, Antakshari and what not.  The youthful energy was channelized in the right direction in not only empathizing with the patients, but entertaining them to the core thereby providing some relief and respite from their woes and perils to the extent that many of the patients and their bystanders were asking for the date of next such program. 

Despite feeding tubes through their nose, cannula on their wrists, the floor reverberated on patriotic songs when patients joined and dared singing with students.  It was an everlasting memory event for everybody and ofcourse a right direction for youngsters to inculcate fellow feeling and universal brotherhood through such experiences.

Malayala Manorama Daily Report Dated 28th January 2016

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