Saturday, May 6, 2017

DNipCare's ABC (Annual Books Copy) Grant 2017 for students of chronic patients

During the month of April when the mercury rises to 43 degrees in Delhi, the worries of parents suffering from chronic diseases are immeasurable for their inability to buy uniforms, text and note books etc., of school going children due to priority shifting to treatment.  DNipCare (Delhites’ National Initiative in Palliative Care) has been trying to reduce this burden of its chronic patients since 2010 through a humble ABC (Annual Books Copy) Grant of support to text and note books. 

Ever increasing costs of treatment, inadequate Governmental support, overflowing tertiary care centres etc., are some of the perennial issues chronic patients are facing in Delhi every day.  On the other hand, children of Cancer, Kidney, Cardio vascular disease patients thus bear the real brunt of poverty and sufferings losing out not only their education but the decent livelihood in future.  The society to which these chronic patients belong to also looks the other way.    

In this melee, the ABC Grant from DNipCare surely brings back the sparkle in the eyes of these young students with a reassured hope for education, growth and development.  Selected 23 such families comprising of over 50 students have thus been benefited with the grant during April 2017 distributed at their homes by volunteers of DNipCare during Palliative Home Care visits thereby ensuring the utmost dignity of the patients and their children.    

However, it is not even a drop considering the huge number of patients suffering silently in the four walls of their dwellings without appearing in any census or books of Government and other agencies.  So the humble request is to the present Governments to be empathetic and sensitive enough to the needs of chronic patients and their families through structured schemes and programmes in the absence of an official policy and program for Palliative Care at Governmental level.   

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