Sunday, May 28, 2023

DNipCare Charitable Palliative OP Clinic on 28th May 2023 - Observing World Menstrual Hygiene Day

DNipCare Charitable Palliative OP Clinic in association with KMWA, Delhi on 28th May 2023 managed by the Volunteers Team including Dr. Adheem Mansoor of AIIMS, supported by Mr. Nikhil Krishna Prasad, Nursing Officer from Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital, Ms. Pearly Sen, Consultant Bio-Chemist from Jaipur Golden Hospital, Mr. John Antony, Nursing Professionl,  other Volunteers, Ms. Seema Prasad, Mr. Abdul Kareem, Mr. Mohammed Asif, Mr. Subin Salam, Mr. Somasekharan, Mr. Shyam Sunder Gupta, Mr. Nanda Kumaran, Mr. Michael PJ, Miss Syeda Anam, Ms. Kushi, Miss Beuty, Ms. Divya, Mr. Devesh,  Miss Raveena, Miss Rehnuma, Jamia Students viz.,  Mr. Rashid Komban, Miss Asna Hussain, Mr. Shehsad, and jointly coordinated by KV Hamza, Gen. Secretary of  DNipCare.

28th May 2023 being the World Menstrual Hygiene Day, the Volunteers Ms. Divya, Ms. Seema Prasad, Ms. Pearly Sen, Miss Beauty, Miss Syeda  Anam, Miss Khushi, Miss Asna Hussain addressed the lady patients present in the Clinic and generated awareness on Menstrual Hygiene and also distributed sanitary pads to them.  

It was a pleasant surprise to receive Dr. Mathew Samuel Varghese, an eminent Orthopedic Doctor of Delhi in the Clinic and explain him about the activities of DNipCare Clinic.


With Dr. Mathews Samuel Varghese.


Volunteers marketed the Paper Pens made by them.

Distribution of Sanitary Napkins to the patients by Volunteers.



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