Friday, May 20, 2011

Kudos to Akasha Paravakal - If none, all of you are there with dedication

Hats off to the Akasha Paravakal - A great service they are rendering for unidentified, unattended, discarded ailing psychic patients.

We, the volunteers of DNipCare met the patient tonight and managed to establish his identity through lengthy interaction that he is belonging to Ambayapuly House, Kodakkal, Tirunnavaya in Malappuram District of Kerala. We also could get links to his family and contacted his cousin Mr. Abdul Latheef over telephone. He has agreed to send his family members to Delhi to take home the patient from Delhi. In the meanwhile, he is getting a very good care in Akasha Paravakal, the home for unidentified, unattended, discarded ailing psychic patients.


  1. Read AKAASHAPPARAVAKAL backs Govinda Chaami alias Charlie Thomas, who convicted for raping and brutally murdering SAUMYA during her train journey. Do you have any clue of this organization?

  2. No, DNipCare does not have any information about Akashaparavakal backing any convict. We only wrote about the good care being received by this psychic patient Mr.Musthafa and such other people there.

    kv hamza,
    General Secretary, DNipCare

  3. aakashathu parakkathe...aadhyam bhoomiyil maryaadhakku nadakkan padikku...