Friday, May 13, 2011

Candle Light Memorial for AIDS Victims in Palliative Care Monthly Review Meeting - 14 May 2011

DNipCare conducted the Palliative Care monthly review meeting in Kerala Club, New Delhi and also Candle Light Memorial for AIDS victims today, i.e., 14th May 2011. Discusions were held about the patients especially bedridden, terminally ill patients being cared by DNipCare.

Candle Light Memorial for AIDS victims was started internationally in 1983 and being observed by groups all over the world during the third week of May. Comemorating the occasion, Dr. Nabeel of the UN AIDS and the National Coordinator for Candle Light Memorial lighted the candles.

Ms. Tapati Dutta working with the International AIDS Vaccine Inititative (IAVI), Ms. Sumitha Chalil of NACO etc disseminated information on care for AIDS patients. Detailed discussions were held on different aspects of ailing AIDS patients and also on the preventive methods. Shri A.T. Sainudin, President of DNipCare chaired the meeting.
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General Secretary, DNipCare

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