Sunday, May 3, 2015

DNipCare participation in CATALYST, the Medical Expo on 2 - 3 May 2015 in AIIMS , New Delhi to propagate Palliative Care

DNipCare participated in CATALYST, the Medical Expo on 2 - 3 May 2015 in AIIMS, New Delhi.  It was a an exposure for the visiting students and teachers to know that there is a requirement of Palliative Care for long term, bedridden, terminally ill patients including Cancer Patients, Geriatrics etc.  

Wholehearted participation of our committed Volunteers like Cyriac Antony, Abdul Kareem, Aparna Krishnan, Neerja Bakshi, Shikha Gulati, Sandeep, Suhail, Shemeel, Arun Unnikrishnan, Sree Rajendran, Sapna etc. in addition to the ardent support by young doctors and budding medicos led by Dr. Zeeshan Ali made the event a successful one for DNipCare in propagating the discipline of Palliative Care as well as getting a lot of Volunteers willingness to cooperate with the organization in future activities.  

We are grateful to all the medicos in AIIMS who have helped us in this regard.


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