Monday, February 27, 2012

Delhi State Cancer Institute & Palliative Care - Poetical perception of an IIT, Delhi Student

Where The Ailing Feel Heaven…

I - In the eastern part of Delhi,
The sun rises for the ailing.
I will name it, it is:
The Delhi State Cancer Institute.

What? A cancer hospital?
What’s so special about this now?
Can’t you talk about something interesting?
‘Cancer’ ain’t my interest, you see.

Cancer isn’t anybody’s liking,
But it is everybody’s suffering,
Once it catches you.
So let me talk of something interesting,
Something special, something pleasing,
About this Cancer Institute.

If you’ve been to any
Government hospital before, and
Loathed it for everything,
Welcome to an exception.

This institute aims at
Providing private hospital-like
Facilities to poor patients at zero cost,
And more interestingly,
Does it as well,
As well as one may dream.

So come with us for a tour
Of the hospital (through my eyes):

II - Polished mirrors, reflecting
The inner beauty of its soul,
The welcome, where we come to know,
That it is a government hospital,
We all are amazed and bewildered.

Meet the head, the leader,
And the body follows in harmony,
Upon instructions from the brain.
Sweet sweet, the talks around,
Let us go for a round…

A look at the corridors,
A look at the patients,
A look at the doctors,
A glide along the smooth run,
A hats-off to the maintenance.

Six beds for a nurse,
A dream sight in Indian hospitals!
Facilities, a class apart,
Cleanliness, as good as you’d dream,
Even for a good hotel.
Exceptional! A government hospital!

Walk around and see,
The interior of the hospital,
Hugging nature, astounding beauty,
My heart sets off in rhyme…

Paintings emanating out of the frame,
Stones from riverside, on your side,
Golden fishes, dancing around,
It’s nature everywhere, every round!

Sceneries over-riding the big machines,
Colourful rooms, filling lives
With the same. Cheerful walls.
Closed rooms, with an air of freshness!

Terrace garden, lovely sight!
Everywhere, focus on natural light.
Nature’s sheen, the heavenly blessing!
Where people feel close to nature,
They feel close to home,
The global home of mother Earth…

All this leads me to wonder:
A place, where mother Earth hugs the ailing,
How could they not get well?

There is a distinct charm in everything
You see around, not something attributable
To a hospital, leave aside a government hospital.
I call it a magic charm…

The best machines, the lovely scenes,
And back on feet, wondering still,
And back, and happy,
And set for work…

III - Welcome, to a different world,
Come and see the patients,
And be their relatives, the ones who care,
For patients come a long way,
Being treated, how they feel.
How you feel..?

Extending just a supportive hand,
If not financial, at least emotional,
To make them happy.
Come talk to them, their relatives,
Know their state of mind.

Allow them to flush away
All their anguish. They are diseased.
And plant in their hearts the seeds of hope,
The seeds of joy,
So they ripe well in time,
And they get well,
As soon as possible…

Welcome to palliative care,
And extend your support,
To the ones who need it.

Cancer is not always curable.
But do the so-called incurable have no right
To live their lives?
To fight out cancer?

Do the long-term bedridden patients
Have no chance of a fightback?
All this needs an emotional motivation.
All this can be done by something as simple as
A gentle caressing tap on the back.

And you are well qualified to do that,
To try to give life to a patient,
To try being a doctor, above all…

So switch the smile
You get from the world
To their side.
Tomorrow you may need it.
Build a base, a well for yourself,

And water these dying plants,
So they get well,
So their blessings give to you,
A whole ocean of smiles some day!!!

-Revant Soni,
1st Year Student,
IIT, Delhi

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Channelizing the care & concern of IITians into Palliative Care

As a part of its relentless propagation of Palliative Care for long term, bedridden, terminally ill patients, the DNipCare made headway in channelizing the care and concern of NSS volunteers of IIT, Delhi, into this discipline. It was a field day of getting hands on experience for these budding technocrats and scientists of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi by rendering emotional support and care to the ailing cancer patients of Delhi State Cancer Institute, Dilshad Garden, Delhi. Apart from learning the intricacies of science and technology, these committed NSS volunteers led by Vadthyavath Ramu saw the different spheres of human care through palliation. DNipCare in association with the NSS would like to utilize the commitment and concern of these volunteers for innovative technological solutions especially in rehabilitating the bedridden paraplegic and quadriplegic patients in addition to rendering Palliative care and its propagation through student community. Further, these students could also have a look and feel of the glaring example of transformation of health management in public sector to an enviable stature in the state of the art institute viz., Delhi State Cancer Institute headed by Dr. R.K. Grover, Director & CEO. Suresh Thaliyaril & KV Hamza gave the orientation on Palliative care to the students. Shilpa Babu coordinated the patient visits. Despite being a cancer patient undergoing treatment, Mrs. Reena Mondal, an ardent volunteer of DNipCare dared to lead the patient visits spreading smiles on the faces of all other debilitating cancer patients. It was a unique experience and awesome day for all of us, said the IITians at the end of the day.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hats off to Mariyumma, the Warrior of Total Health Care

Propagation of 'Total Health Care' is not the privilege of rich and educated alone.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heartfelt condolences

We the volunteers of DNipCare would like to express our heartfelt condolences on the sad demise of Master Haider Ali, the 13 year old boy yesterday, i.e., 13th February 2012. He was a resident of Dilshad Garden, New Delhi and suffering from hereditary nephritis, undergoing haemodialysis for a prolonged time. Let us all pray for the departed soul and wish his family the strength to cope up with the situation.

with regards,

kv hamza,
General Secretary, DNipCare

Monday, February 13, 2012

KNipCare Conceptualized

The volunteers of DNipCare came to Kolkata to attend the 19th International Conference of Indian Palliative Care Association felt the void in the absence of a community based Palliative Care initiative in this city of joy. In order to fill in this gap, the volunteers gathered like minded people and an initial meeting was held at 3PM today, i.e., Sunday 12th February 2012 in 93, Chowranghee Road, Kolkata and paved the way for a community based Paliative Care Unit in the city. C.V. Prasad, Controller of Accounts, Ministry of Mines, B.S.Mishra, Deputy Director, Ministry of Shipping, Ravi, Accounts Officer, Ministry of Road Transport, Mrs. Bindu have attended the meeting in addition to KV Hamza, Shilpa Babu & Kanchan Bala, the volunteers of DNipCare in the meeting and decided to establish KNipCare (Kolkatans’ National initiative in Palliative Care). The formal meetings will be conducted shortly and the future course of action in Patient care will accordingly be started by including all the like minded people living different localities in Kolkata and a potential volunteer base will be created.

It has also been decided that the organization will initially adopt one day per week approach for Palliative home care and later on extend the facilities after assessing the patient scenario as well as the volunteer availability. This initiative is likely to follow the footsteps of DNipCare for rendering palliation to the long term, bedridden, terminally ill patients in the city. Many likeminded people including some prominent Mallayalees staying in Kolkata have expressed their unconditional support for this initiative though they could not attend the initial sitting due to pre-occupation as well as the short notice of the meeting. A Blog viz., has also been launched on this occasion.

with warm regards,

kv hamza, General Secretary

Saturday, February 11, 2012




Moderator:Mrs.J.Carolene(Nursing Superintendent,BLK Hospital)
Speakers: Mrs.Gulshan(Dr.RML Hospital)
Mrs.Lucy P Simon(GBPant Hospital)
Ms.Hasna Najath(DNipCare)
Mr.Antony Cyriac(DNipCare)
More than 160 nurses from different hospitals in Delhi attended.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Palliative Care Sensitization Campaign

DNipCare in association with Jerusalem Mar Thoma Syrian Church, A-1/182 Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi will be conducting a Cancer Awareness and Palliative Care Campaign in the Church at 12 noon on 5th February 2012. In addition to the interactive deliberations on Geriatric and Nursing Care, the subjects of both Cancer – prevention & early detection and efficacy of Palliative Care will be disseminated in detail with the help of audio visual presentations during the campaign. The campaign will be conducted by Dr. Felice Faisal, Antony Cyriac, Suresh Kumar, Shilpa Babu, Ajith Kumar etc.

kv hamza,
General Secretary, DNipCare

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Requirement of Life Saving Medicines for this boy

This is in reference to a patient who is 20 years old, student of BCom 1st year and belonging to Gwalior. He is suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease with multple Nocardial abscesses in body. He was admitted in AIIMS Medicine ward D2, but now discharged with advice to continue medication. In addition to needing continued hemodialysis thrice a week, he requires prolonged antibiotic therapy (Amoxicillin-Clavulinic Acid tablets 625 mg OD plus two extra doses per cycle of HD which is alternate day; coming to 4 tablets every two days) for atleast 12 months in the future. Being below poverty line, it is difficult for him to obtain this treatment by himself and in absence of proper therapy the disease may flare up and become life threatening. We request everybody to help this patient directly by providing him the required medicines as under:

Inj. Erythroprotein 4000 iu
Tab Augmentin 375mg

For getting his details to provide medicines to him directly, please contact us:
Mob. No. 9891008356

kv hamza,
General Secretary, DNipCare