Saturday, June 30, 2018

Colours and Calligraphy to bring back smile on the faces of suffering Child Patients in Dr. RML Hospital on 30th June 2018

Colours and Calligraphy to bring back smile on the faces of suffering Child Patients in Dr. RML Hospital on 30th June 2018.

When an adult is ill at home, it affects him and his carers;
When a child is ill at home, it affects everybody in the house.

Yes, children suffering from various types of Cancers, Aplastic Anemia, other hematological issues, all admitted in one ward.  It is not a friendship band, but the cannulas, which are adorning the wrists of these tiny tots mostly with shining heads bereft of hairs, eyes and mouths reddened due to Aplastic anemia. Few air filled colourful balloons, sweet chocolate bars or even a colouring book with patterns and drawings of animals, birds and rainbow give them a breeze of happiness.  Shyamalan Sir, the Calligraphic Artist of Delhi Police and an ardent Volunteer of DNipCare chose his audience with these hapless children today to write their names in their choice of colours in his God gifted skill of Calligraphy bringing a veiled smile on the faces of these suffering children. 

The crowd of these tiny tots and their parents crowded him to get the white sheets filled with the names of their names beautifully written in multi-colours. The caring Doctors, Nursing Officers and their assistants were also overjoyed seeing the happiness and enthusiasm of these debilitating children getting their attention diverted from their disease, pain and sufferings. 

Mrs. Laila Peter, Sr. Nursing Officer of the Ward of Dr. RML Hospital coordinated the event with DNipCare supported by other volunteers Dr. CN Bhargavi, Suresh Thaliyaril, Cyriac Antony, Muraleedharan MA, KV Hamza etc., with Syamalan Perinchira, the artist.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

DNipCare's Palliative Awareness and Crowd Funding through Calligraphy on 16.06.2018 at Juma Masjid, Delhi

The walled city is rejoicing on Eid-ul-Fitr with almost all the people wearing new clothes, eating the delicious foods in the market, and the entire atmosphere is filled with a variety of fragrance of perfumes, marking the end of month long fasting.  The privilege of celebrating fairs and festivals is, however, confined to the healthy and wealthy while it is really a boon for a sizeable population reeling under the pain and sufferings of chronic diseases and associated illnesses. 

Catering to these unfortunate sections of the society, the volunteers of DNipCare decided to create an awareness and crowd funding for their Palliative Care mission for the chronic patients including Cancer patients of Delhi using the potential of Calligraphy skill of Mr. Syamalan Perinchira, one of the volunteers of the organization.  

The venue and target audience chosen are the hustle and bustle surrounding Juma Masjid on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.  Commemorating the completion of 4 years of the Palliative Charitable outpatient Clinic run by the organization in Okhla, Delhi the event was a reach out to the masses on the efficacy of Palliative Care for the long term, bedridden, chronic patients including Cancer Patients and Geriatrics. 

The following volunteers attended the campaign along with Mr. Shyalaman Perinchira:  Antony Cyriac, Suresh Thaliyaril, Muraleedharan MA, Seema Prasad, Shalini Sharma, Omana Gopal, KV Hamza, Laila Peter.