Friday, October 31, 2014

Saleem can now share his dreams with Majitha

Saleem who survived his below waist paralysed body since the age of 16, by his mind is now into a happy wedlock. Majitha is his bride. The volunteers of Palliative care implemented by the Perinthalmanna Municipality of Malappuram District in Kerala led the marriage function held in the Town Hall on 29th October 2014. Hundreds of volunteers attended the function and blessed the couple. 

More than 50 of the guests present were on wheelchair. It was also a get-together platform for volunteers of different initiatives like Santhwanam, Thanalkoodu, Pain & Palliative Clinic, Junior Red Cross of the area. Saleem, S/o Syed Alavi is not only a computer expert, but could achieve good income, own house and living standards with his sheer hard work despite his physical challenge and was also felicitated in the Palliative Camp of the Municipality last time.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Scribbling by Mr. Ajith Kumar of DNipCare

Solitude, in the realm of palliation
Wither away in the calmness of dedication
The peril they face is far unpredictable
Any mind can whisper where my life is?
That never ends when in pain
The wound in his hand asks why such pain 
To him it is a strait between life and death
No cannula can win his worries
He bothers his son for some penny
He absorbs his pain within himself
Just to convince others that he can live
His happiness fades away in the darkness of ‘CA’
After 23 cycles, he prepares for his next chemo
His loved ones sit beside him, saying their woes 
Living in the open shed of the chronic place
He tastes namkin food, but no means
The menial sum his son gives hardly matters
His worry is his pain in his penis
When it will cure, God knows
Doctors’ sayings end up in tramadol
Just to make a try, to give him a shelter-
hamsakka asked, Will u shift to dharamshala?
He smiled leaving the decision to his son who is away
We dressed his wounds by making him more careful
But flies never stop doing their jobs
We took one blanket and handed over to him
Just to bring a relief to him in the noose of winter
His sarong, his hands and the blanket in his arms
All still remain in my mind, our mission continues...
-          Ajith Kumar

(Sometimes even the hardcore Statistics Experts also become Poets to express their feelings on seeing the plight and misery of ailing patients)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Deepavali Celebration by DNipCare with Cancer Patients in Delhi State Cancer Institute & Sir Sobha Singh Dharmashala

Festivals and Festivities are taboo for Cancer Patients, but We, the volunteers of DNipCare, could make this Deepavali a joyous one for all the Cancer Patients, their bystanders and ourselves in Delhi State Cancer Institute & Sir Sobha Singh Dharamshala.  

The earthen Diyas painted and decorated by the patients and their bystanders started giving them a participatory feeling right from three days before Deepavali.  Despite the on and off pain and distressing side effects of chemo and radio therapy, the patients, some of them with tracheostomized neck and cannula bearing wrists were more than happy to join our volunteers in creatively colouring and decorating the earthen diyas as can be seen from the photographs.  Through these occasional participatory activities with our volunteers, these patients, majority of them hail from distant places of the adjacent States of this National Capital Territory of Delhi, are able to garner a positive change in the debilitating conditions they undergo while availing treatment for the dreaded disease of Cancer.    

Then today it was the Rangoli with vibrant colours made by both volunteers and patients together marked the special feature of our celebrations followed with distribution of fruit juices and gifts for patients while exchanging pleasantries.  We also could distribute blankets for few of the patients staying in open in the campus of GTB Hospital and Delhi State Cancer Institute so as to support them to fight the nip in the air growing fast to unbearable cold during night.

with warm regards,
kv hamza,
General Secretary, DNipCare

Students in Palliation - Bringing joy of Deepavali Festival to the lives of Cancer Patients