Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Executive Meeting of DNipCare on 17th April 2024 - Online.

The following Members of the Executive Committee attended the first Executive Meeting of the newly elected Committee of DNipCare at 8.30 PM on 17th April 2024.

1. Mr. Subu Rahman, President
2. KV Hamza, Gen. Secretary,
3. Dr. Bushair MT, Secretary,
4. Mr. Soma Sekharan, Treasurer
5. Mr. Michael PJ, Internal Auditor
6. Mr. Cyriac Antony, Executive Member
7. Mr. Subin Salam, Executive Member
8. Mr. Bhaskar Choudhary, Executive Member
9. Mr. Yoonus, Executive Member
10. Ms. Lekha Anil, Executive Member
11. Mr. Jacob George, Executive Member
12. Mr. Muhammed Ali, Executive Member




Sunday, April 14, 2024

DNipCare Charitable Palliative OP Clinic on 14th April 2024 and Celebration of 36th Anniversary of KMWA, Delhi.


DNipCare Charitable Palliative OP Clinic in association with KMWA, Delhi on 14th April 2024 managed by the Volunteers Team of Dr. Ali Nizam from CGHS, Delhi, supported by Mr. Nikhil Krishna Prasad, Nursing Officer, Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital, other Volunteers, Mr. Abdul Kareem, Mr. Subin Salam, Mr. Somasekharan, Dr. Bushair MT,  IIT Delhi Students Mr. Tushar Garg, Mr. Vikram, Mr. Anmol Ahirwar, Mr. Kirsh Mishra, Mr. Aditya Singh, Mr. Sumit Singh, and Mr. Rohan Paleri of Amity University, Noida.  Other Students were Miss Raveena, Miss Moni, Miss Rehnuma and Master Yuvraj.

Mr. Sadananda Menon, our esteemed veteran Volunteer visited the Clinic, interacted with the Volunteers and remained for sometime with them exchanging pleasantries. 

Dr. Mohammed Sheed of Batra Hospital and Dr. Faris Mohammed of Max Hospital, Saket have also visited the Clinic today.

Mr. MK Abdul Nazer of Geegrand Elevators and an ex-Executive Member of KMWA visited the Clinic and also took initiative to celebrate the Anniversary of 36 years excellent existence of KMWA as a Social Organization in this National Capital Territory of Delhi after starting way back on Friday, 15th April 1988.

An Anniversary Cake has been cut marking the occasion and celebrated with the Volunteers of DNipCare.

Overall coordination by KV Hamza, Gen. Secretary, DNipCare.