Friday, October 24, 2014

Scribbling by Mr. Ajith Kumar of DNipCare

Solitude, in the realm of palliation
Wither away in the calmness of dedication
The peril they face is far unpredictable
Any mind can whisper where my life is?
That never ends when in pain
The wound in his hand asks why such pain 
To him it is a strait between life and death
No cannula can win his worries
He bothers his son for some penny
He absorbs his pain within himself
Just to convince others that he can live
His happiness fades away in the darkness of ‘CA’
After 23 cycles, he prepares for his next chemo
His loved ones sit beside him, saying their woes 
Living in the open shed of the chronic place
He tastes namkin food, but no means
The menial sum his son gives hardly matters
His worry is his pain in his penis
When it will cure, God knows
Doctors’ sayings end up in tramadol
Just to make a try, to give him a shelter-
hamsakka asked, Will u shift to dharamshala?
He smiled leaving the decision to his son who is away
We dressed his wounds by making him more careful
But flies never stop doing their jobs
We took one blanket and handed over to him
Just to bring a relief to him in the noose of winter
His sarong, his hands and the blanket in his arms
All still remain in my mind, our mission continues...
-          Ajith Kumar

(Sometimes even the hardcore Statistics Experts also become Poets to express their feelings on seeing the plight and misery of ailing patients)


  1. why such a sympathetic heart hurt me alone

  2. people have to appear they are the greatest sympathizers of humanity,but in real life thingas are different.