Sunday, March 7, 2010

Palliative Care - Awareness Campaigns: 1) Kerala Club 2) Nanakpura Malayali Welfare Forum

Palliative Care Awareness Creation Program by DNipCare in;
1) KERALA CLUB, M-67 Connaught Place, New Delhi on 5th Marhc 2010

We at DNipCare had another opportunity of conducting an awareness class in Nanakpura Malayali Welfare Forum, Nanakpura, Delhi. As usual we were very happy and in high spirits for the class when we were informed that it would be a family meet. The representation was from all walks of life like housewives, teachers, nurses, businessmen, office-goers and ofcourse school and college kids.

On reaching I found that the meeting had been organised on a building terrace. In fact, I was quite surprised to see more of women than men in the meeting and a few kids too (as this occasion was just before the women's day it obviously felt right). We had planned an interactive class through out (instead of an interactive session at the end which is the usual norm).

As the class progressed I found the kids in the group were interacting much more than the adults. Though, the adults got into action at a later stage. What surprised me most was that the kids were not just repeating what I was saying but also answering to queries on palliative care with intelligent responses like meaning of ‘swanthanam’, "love, care, tenderness and progression of disease". This clearly indicates in them, an awareness of emotional issues, medical awareness, social issues in their own youthful capacity. I may also add that it also gives us a glimpse of their sensitivity, as a part of society, towards their fellow beings. I realized that I was really interacting with an intelligent group of kids and family and naturally this has swept me off my feet!

2)NANAKPURA MALAYALI WELFARE FORUM, Nanakpura, New Delhi on 7th March 2010

Further, as the team-(volunteers) shared their experience with the audience, we could see that many hearts were touched. It was visible in their eyes and faces that they desired to do something in Palliative Care. Providence as usual saves the best for the last! A young girl about 12 came up and asked for all details of our organsitation. She said, she would like to join the group and do what we are doing for the palliative care patients. She wanted to be a volunteer just like all of us. There was determination in her eyes and in the words coming out of her mouth. I realized that we had conducted one of the best awareness classes in this part of Delhi. We had effectively reached out!

This was a great experience and I look forward to experiences like this in future because incidents like this also lifts mine and our teams spirit to do something more for those individuals and families, who are in need of palliative care

Dr Anjay

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