Sunday, August 22, 2010

ONAM Festival Celebration - with Cancer Patients_22082010

Uthradam Day of Onam festival was not only an enriching, but diverse experience for us, the DNipCare volunteers, as we decided to spend our time with cancer patients of Shanti Avedna Sadan. We made a floral design of Onam festival, displayed and explained the significance of Onam to the patients. Concerned with the plight of patients especially those with rice tube for feeding; we choose fruit juices as an alternative for sweet payasam (kheer) distribution on Happy Onam occasion.

Babu Gurcharan , Haridas, Ajith Kumar, Madhu Nair, Omana Gopal, Suresh Thaliriyil and KV Hamza were there to celebrate the festival. The event was a sequel to our celebrating Independence day by spending quality time with cancer patients of Delhi State Cancer Institute on 15th August.

An article on Palliative Care written by Mr.T.V. Vijayan & published in The Telegraph Daily, Kolkata on 22nd August 2010can be accessed through the following link :


  1. Madhu's photo with the Nani is really touching. We can use it in our campaigns, if both of them agree


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