Monday, August 15, 2011

"Freedom from Pain" - Celebration of Independence Day with Cancer Patients

We, the volunteers of DNipCare celebrated Indian Independence Day celebration with Cancer Patients under the theme “Freedom from Pain”.

A Palliative Care sensitization program was held in the Charitable Clinic, Shri Ayyappa Temple, Dilshad Garden, Delhi where more than 150 people participated. Prof. Omcherry NN Pillai inaugurated the program. Shri Ramachandran Pillai, President, Ayyappa Seva Samiti presided over the function and declared that Ayyappa Seva Samiti will ardently involve in providing Palliative Care to the patients in Dilshad Garden area in close association with DNipCare. Dr. K.R. Grover, Director, Delhi State Cancer Institute was the Chief Guest of the program. Palliative Care sensitization with emphasize on Geriatric care especially in the growing urban nuclear family scenario was done by KV Hamza, General Secretary, DNipCare. Shalini Narayan, Psychologist spoke at length on the woes and issues of care givers and long term, bedridden terminally ill patients. Antony Cyriac summed up the sensitization session with focus on the necessity of the outreach of Palliative Care to the masses and the requirement of committed volunteers to carry on the mission. Dr. KR Grover highlighted the Cancer scenario in India vis-à-vis developed countries and the immediate and imminent paradigm shift required in the approach and attitude of the people towards cancer and cancer patients. He appreciated the services being provided by DNipCare since its inception and also their association with Delhi State Cancer Institute for the last 1 ½ years in providing Palliation to the hapless cancer patients. Shri Sachidanand, the eminent Malayalam writer was the Guest of honour and declared his commitment and solidarity with Palliative Care movement to provide succor to the ailing patients.
Under “Freedom from Pain campaign” of DNipCare, the entire audience after the sensitization session walked down to Delhi State Cancer Institute and celebrated Independence Day with Cancer Patients. Fruit juices were also distributed to the patients admitted in the institute and also for those who are staying in Sir Soba Singh Dharamshala, adjacent to the Cancer Institute, while exchanging pleasantries. “I have attended 40 years Independence Day celebrations in Government set up and now a patient in Cancer Institute, but feel delighted to celebrate it here too with enthusiastic volunteers of DNipCare” fervently said a retired Government official, now admitted in the Institute for cancer treatment, while exchanging pleasantries with the volunteers.

kv hamza,
General Secretary, DNipCare

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