Friday, August 3, 2012

An Honour and Responsibility for us, the Volunteers of DNipCare, for better performance

KMCC Delhi has decided to give it first social services award to Mr. K.V. Hamza, the Founder General Secretary of DNipCare Pain & Palliative Care initiative. KMCC has constituted this award for recognizing the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations working in the fields of health, education, and community services.

Mr. K.V. Hamza has registered his presence by his committed work in the field of palliative care through DNipCare initiative in Delhi. He has given new lessons to Delhi in the field of Palliative care as DNipcare is the first full-fledged organization completely dedicated to Palliative care in Delhi. The organization has a wide network of volunteers from different walks of life from students to civil servants. Mr Hamza has been instrumental in spreading the noble message of humanity by taking care of bed ridden and socially isolated patients across Delhi and its surroundings. 

The award will be presented by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi Smt. Sheila Dixit on 08th August 2012 at Panakkad Syed Mohamed Ali Shihab Thangal commemorative function at India Islamic culture Centre, New Delhi.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS. Hamza Sir is the most eligible person for getting such an Award,doing a lot for the patients in Delhi. Thanks to KMCC.

  2. A good beginning that KMMCC made in acknowledging the sincere effort of a person who practically understand the sufferings of debilitating patients especially those who are under the clutches of cancer , paraplegia etc. His effort in adding some quality to their life is commendable..Congrats.