Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Homage....

Our Homage.....

We, DNipCare volunteers, fondly remember the sweet smile of Miss Jyoti Charan (21) who bid farewell to all of us, the Palliative families at 3 AM today, the Children’s day, i.e., 14th November 2012. We had been to her bedside yesterday noon also and despite her gasping saw a pale smile on her face, as if assuring to meet us in the hereafter world, before closing her eyes.

We sincerely acknowledge the efforts of all our volunteers especially Hamna Mariyam Binth Ashraf, Mansha Bagai, Seema Prasad, Suresh Thaliyaril,  Lakshmi Radhika Pittala,  Ajith Kumar,  Chanchal Vats,  Deepa Vats,  Shilpa Babu,  Revant Soni, Manish Taneja, Caroline Arthur etc.,  to bring back the forgotten smile of this young beautiful girl in her most difficult time fighting Cancer.
(Photographs of her birthday on 14th October 2012)

kv hamza,
General Secretary, DNipCare


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