Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Students on Palliative Care Volunteering on 03rd August 2022

Every day many hundreds of Cancer patients avail their treatment from the Delhi State Cancer Institute, Dilshad Garden, Delhi and reach back their homes.  Some of them, belonging to the far flung areas of adjacent States of Delhi stay back in the attached Sir Sobha Singh Dharmashala of the Institute for availing Radiotherapy, chemotherapy etc on the subsequent days.  Apart from their own spouses, there is none to talk to, interact or mingle with, for these patients.  No relative or family member to visit them at this stage of their disease.  

In this backdrop, the interaction of students Delhi University on Field Work with DNipCare, is really a boon for these patients to rejoice forgetting at least temporarily about the disease they are suffering from and the associated psycho-social issues.

As part of the Palliative Care, it is essential to intervene with different methods of improving their quality of life.  Engaging them on drawing and paintings is one of the methods, which the students carry out with much enthusiasm and happiness.


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