Saturday, February 18, 2023

Tie up for rendering Palliative Care, "DNipCare-Smriti-Jamia Chapter" - Meeting held on 16th February 2023

Jamia students under Smriti, the Malayali organization, will work for Palliative Care from 17.02.2023 onwards as discussed and decided in the meeting held in front of the Polytechnic lawns on 16.02.2023.  The strategy has been planned as under: 

a) 5 students will be engaged to  collect unused medicines from homes of facilities & to provide at DNipCare Clinic on subsequent Sunday for freee dispensing to the poor patients as per Doctor’s prescription,  

 b) the same group of students shall also try to pick the old magazines from the faculties/fellow students so as to provide them to the Cancer patients and their bystanders in Sir Sobha Singh Dharmashala of Delhi State Cancer Institute 

c) 10 students to be engaged for conducting the survey at Rikshaw Pullers Colony to bring out the status of bedridden patients and to be followed them up with the help of DNipCare team thereafter for Palliative Care intervention,    

d) few (3 to 4) students to attend the DNipCare Clinic for providing human resource support for Clinical activities including Listening Desk of the Clinic, 

e) every activity to be carried out by members of Smriti, the Malayalee students organization with active participation of Non-Malayalee students ensuring inclusiveness and with the overall support of DNipCare, the Palliative Care Organization in Delhi.   

The mission will be called as "DNipCare-Smriti-Jamia Chapter"


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