Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cancer and Creativeness

Both Cancer and Creativeness start with 'C'.
Then why not be creative while suffering from Cancer?

Carcinoma Brain Post Operative, medical terms explain the painful story of Akansha Mukesh, a 30 years old slim beautiful lady in Sabji Mandi Ghanta Ghar area of Delhi.  It was very difficult to find out her house in that thickly populated colony, which is a part of the old Delhi.  We, the volunteers of DNipCare, ventured into and first the metro journey upto Pul Banghash, thereafter the cycle rikshaw ride through the bylanes we started our association with her from May 2012. 

During our interactions we could understand that she really possess a creative mind and had been into every art form for a little bit, whether it is drawing/painting or performing arts, but for the disease kept everything closed in the remotest corner of her mind. 
Our continuous efforts to relent her to bring back to her original self despite all the ill effects of the disease and resulting complications including lack of grip on the fingers right side hearing, was not seeing any results.  But our volunteer Seema  Prasad was not prepared to give up and used to encourage Akansha every time.  

When Sneha Kanta, Nongthong Singha, Abdul Latheef and me visited Akansha yesterday, i.e., 23rd June 2013, she brought out the sketch book which was cautiously kept inside a trunk under her bed.  To our utter surprise, the pages were full of sketches, drawings and paintings including those which were made by pasting the pencil waste on sharpening.  Beautiful scribbling, colourful flowers and cartoon characters merrily looking at us.  We felt contented that Akansha is not thinking of her next cycle of chemotherapy now, but looking for making more drawings and paintings.  We promised her that we will show her talent to the World through our small Blog and facebook page. 

Let us all encourage her to be busy in Creativity and forget the word Cancer.

kv hamza,
Gen. Secretary, DNipCare

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