Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our Condolence....

The beautiful coloured pictures of her sketch book will now remain orphaned.  She does not have to worry for loosing her leg to amputation, but she got rid of her pains, perils and the suffering life due to Pleomorphic Sarcoma.  She bid farewell to everybody who loved her, who held her slender hands, who kept her close to their hearts.

Sarita, the 12 year old girl died at 3 AM today, 10th July 2014 in Shanti AvednaSadan where she has been provided with love and care after shifting from her residence in Navada, Uttam Nagar on 15th June.  We are grateful to Shanti AvednaSadan, which could give her the comfort through care and also to all our DNipCare volunteers like Suresh Thaliyaril , Ajith Kumar , Arun Unnikrishnan, Seema Prasad , Shivanandam,  Abdul Kareem Dinesh Prasad, Beena VS Kuthirakulam, Selene Wilsnet, Ramshad Mohamed, Pulickal Ansari Abdul Azeez, Haseeb Hase , ManshaBagai etc., to name a few who were there for Sarita always with love and affection in their hearts. 

Let us all pray for the departed soul.

With warm regards,

kv hamza,
Gen. Secretary, DNipCare


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