Sunday, December 21, 2014

Concerted effort - Solution for the distressed

Ram Nivas, a resident of Munger District in Bihar working as a Cycle Rickshaw Puller in the Streets nearby Delhi University lost his right foot toes except big toe due to an accident five years ago.  A big wound now added to this making him completely incapacitated to do his daily earning work of pedaling his cycle rickshaw, he lost his sleep also completely owing to the severe pain for the last two months.  

Ms. Meenakshi Banja of Times Now and the Good Samaritan for the downtrodden people in her area, as usual, informed us about the plight of this street dwelling patient.  

We got his wounds cleaned, dressed up from Safdarjung Hospital and then started hunting for a place with a roof to accommodate so as to save him from the biting cold of this chilly winter. 

After a good drive till Fortis Hospital followed with heavy traffic on the Vasant Kunj area and thereafter the real bumpy way, which cannot be qualified in the name of a road, finally we (Suresh and I), the volunteers of DNipCare, reached the Ashram for destitutes at Rangpuri Pahari Road, Mahipalpur headed by Mr. Ravi Kalra.  

Thus we ended up in the Earth Saviours Foundation located in the remote hilly area of Mahipalpur.  Many numbers of patients, majority of them suffering from mental disorder and a sizable number of bedridden patients also are brought by either Police on Court orders or hospitals, organizations and individuals and housed in this Gurukul Vridhashram.  Despite the difficulties of the diseases they are suffering from, almost all of the inmates were found to be having a smile of relief and relaxation on their faces.  Though reluctantly, but on the consolidation that it is not for himself entirely, but for providing him an opportunity to serve the more debilitating patients, Ram Nivas agreed to stay in the Ashram till he gets his wound cured completely to get back to his Rickshaw pulling to earn and send meager sum to the waiting kids and wife in his remote village in Munger.  

The pleasant smiling Mr. Ravi Kalra, the founder of the organization, like a father figure for all these society's unwanted destitute people, walking from one tent to the other ensuring that none is suffering from biting cold or hunger.

kv hamza,
Gen. Secretary, DNipCare

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