Friday, April 3, 2015

Poor Kidneys….Anybody Hearing?

Poor Kidneys….Anybody Hearing?

Here are two news clippings on Hemodialysis facilities available in AIIMS, the premier institute of India and other in a CHC in Kondotty, a mofussil township in Malappuram District of Kerala.  Scenario in AIIMS as per news item published in 2013 is that the institute is having 13 dialysis machines in their Nephrology Department started in 1979 with 12 machines to cater to the needs of all the population thronging in to Delhi from all adjacent States as well. 

The Dialysis Centre set up with the help of the MLA fund and being inaugurated today (03.04.2015) in the CHC in Kondotty is having 10 machines and offering free dialysis to the kidney patients.  It is also a fact that even dialysis centres run by NGOs in Malappuram District are having machines in minimum two digit numbers.
Let us hope Delhiites also will notice and become sensitive enough to the plight and distress of all suffering kidney patients. 

Let us also not forget that Delhiites are proud to have 70 MLAs and 7 Members of Parliament and all of them are having funds to allocate for development works…….  

kv hamza,
Gen. Secretary, DNipCare

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