Wednesday, April 1, 2015

World Autism Awareness Day – 2nd April

Arvind slaps vigorously on both sides of his forehead.    The scene is unbearable to the onlookers.  Mother at times ties his hands to prevent him from injuring himself.   He insists to be completely covered by the back and seats of the sofa while lying on it.  His feelings of insecurity increased manifold since September last year on his returning from the trip to native village with his mother.  Regular medicines and occasional visits to the Neurologist and Psychiatrist keep going for him.  He tries to speak but can be understood clearly by his mother only.   He is very much fond of chocolates and will ask the visitors for it, but rarely gives a hand shake.  He enjoys music and hums along hearing his favourite old Hindi songs from television or his mom.  His expression of happiness and sorrows is through sign language taught in school and made him practice by his mother.

Classical scenario of a home where 18 year old Arvind is an autistic patient living with his mother.  Today, 2nd April 2015, is the eighth annual World Autism Awareness Day.   Every year, autism organizations around the world celebrate the day with unique fundraising and awareness-raising events
Often parents are the first to notice that their child is showing unusual behaviors such as failing to make eye contact, not responding to his or her name or playing with toys in unusual, repetitive ways.  

It is not easy to understand that a child in our family has autism, and realize that our life will be utterly different than we had expected it to be.  Daily life with a special-needs child presents many unique challenges. 

Here, Arvind goes to the Special School for Autistic children by school bus, but accompanied by his mother who is also now an instructor there.  Long years of struggle to cope up with this single autistic child followed with sudden demise of her husband due to cancer two years back, made hell of her life for sometimes.  But this caring mother, with whom we, the volunteers of DNipCare got associated during a Palliative Home Care visit for her husband while he was suffering from Cancer, has not yet lost her hope as she continues her care and concern through learning and practicing better methods for her special child.    (Name of the child  changed)

kv hamza, 
Gen. Secretary, DNipCare

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