Sunday, September 11, 2022

DNipCare Charitable Palliative OP Clinic on 11th September 2022

DNipCare Charitable Palliative OP Clinic in association with KMWA, Delhi on 11th September 2022 managed by the Volunteers Team led by Dr. Adheem Manzoor from AIIMS New Delhi, supported by Mr. Arun Prakash, Nursing Officer, AIIMS JPNA Trauma Centre, Mr. Pradeep Barwar, Nursing Officer, Sushruta Trauma Centre, Ms. Geeta Rani, ANM Delhi Govt., Mr. John Antony, Nursing Professional,  other Volunteers, Miss Bhavya Acharya, Mr. Mohammed Asif, Mr. Shyam Sunder Gupta, Mr. Somasekharan, Miss Beauty, and coordinated by KV Hamza, General Secretary DNipCare.  Courtesy Farook College Old Students Association (FOSA), Delhi,  Onasadya was also relished after the Clinic.


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