Tuesday, October 24, 2023

A varied charity on Vijayadashami Day, 24th October 2023.



Mrs. Parvathy, after the morning Pooja on the occasion of Vijayadashami, decided to do something really good.  A varied charity of purchasing and donating a wheelchair to the 14 years old Mohammed Maqsud, suffering from the deadly disease of DMD.    The patient reference and requirement were passed on to her by DNipCare on the previous day.  Parvathy along with her daughter reached the Green Park Medical equipment shop to select and procure the Wheelchair to be given to DNipCare for handing it over to the patient, but with the strict instruction not to disclose her name or identity anywhere.  It, in this era of fame seekers, seems to be not only a really good gesture of her, but also the true victory over the evil, surely on a Vijayadashami day, we feel. (Names of the benefactor and beneficiary changed to protect their identity).   DNipCare Volunteers with the Wheelchair received from Mrs. Parvathy and commode chair purchased for the boy at our Clinic on 24th October 2023.


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