Thursday, February 24, 2022

Mr. Mani Swamy of Tigri Camp passed away today, 24th February 2022





Mr. Mani or often called as Mani Swamy was an integral part of the Ayyappa Mandir, Dakshinpuri, Delhi, preparing food and serving the devotees there since long.  Being a Stomach Cancer Patient, he was one among our DNipCare Palliative family members as well. He could tactfully hide his mounting problems and worries including the sufferings due to disease and even the sorrows of losing his youthful son during the peak Covid time, behind his pleasant smile and ever willingness to help anybody and everybody.   His involvement and enthusiasm was obvious when DNipCare held the free medical camp at the Ayyappa Mandir premise in association with Ayyappa Sewa Samiti, Dakshinpuri on 31st October 2021.   Finally Mr. Mani left for heavenly abode at 5.00 PM today, 24th February 2022  while he was being brought to Safdarjung Hospital.  Suresh Sir used to be in touch with Mani Swamy always ever since Swamy became a member of our DNipCare family on 06th March 2016.  Pearly Sen Madam and husband Mr. Sen George Sir have visited his house now to meet his bereaved family.    Let us all pray for the departed soul.


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